Fund Deposit and Withdrawal

Fund Deposit

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  1. Client can deposit fund to his/her account at SPDBI Securities Limited (“SPDBIS”) via any channel including but not limited to bank transfer, remittance or bank cheque provided that it is originated from the same beneficiary with valid proof. Valid proof means supporting document(s) showing the name of account holder and account no., such as deposit receipt, bank statement, screen-print, SMS confirmation, etc. to verify the deposit is from client’s own account. Potentially the time required for crediting fund to the account(s) will be lengthened due to the control enhancement on verification process.
  2. SPDBIS will no longer accept deposits in cash and any form of third party deposits including but not limited to bank transfer, remittance, cheque deposit. Deposit in cash refers to ATM cash deposit and over-the-counter deposit.
  3. The cut-off time of client’s notification on fund deposit shall be 5:00pm. Any fund deposit notification received after 5:00pm will be processed on next business day.
  4. If the bank account name is too long to enter the full name, please input “SPDB International Securities Ltd – Client A/C”. If it is still too long, please enter as many characters as possible and fill in the remaining characters in Remarks column.
Electronic Direct Debit Authorization Service (eDDA)

eDDA is a value-added service of the Faster Payment System (FPS) which enables the payer to pre-authorize his or her account to be debited by direct debit payments. Customers are only required to complete the eDDA direct debit authorization application through the SPDBI mobile trading APP, and then they can initiate eDDA fund deposit through the SPDBI mobile trading App at any time, payment will be credited into their trading accounts quickly without providing proof of fund deposit, assist customers to capture every investment opportunity.

Bank Account Details for Fund Deposit
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Bank Account Name:
SPDB International Securities Limited - Client Account
Bank Code: 012
Account Number (HKD): 012-875-2-046177-3
Account Number (USD): 012-875-2-046178-6
Account Number (CNH): 012-875-2-046179-9
Bank Address: Bank Of China Tower, 1 Garden Road,
Central, Hong Kong
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Branch
Bank Account Name:
SPDB International Securities Limited - Client Account
Bank Code: 345
Account Number (HKD): 2888-001-190046-1
Account Number (USD): 2888-002-190046-1
Account Number (CNH): 2888-003-190046-1
Bank Address: 30/F, SPD Bank Tower, 1 Hennessy Road,
Hong Kong
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
Bank Account Name:
SPDB International Securities Limited - Client Account
Bank Code: 072
Account Number (HKD): 861-512-04410-4
Account Number (USD): 861-507-00728-2
Account Number (CNH): 861-560-02499-8
Bank Address: 33/F, ICBC Tower, 3 Garden Road,
Central Hong Kong
Fund Withdrawal
  1. For funds withdrawal, SPDBIS does not transfer the outgoing funds to any bank account which bears the name of third party. Furthermore, SPDBIS does not issue cheque bearing third party payee name.
  2. The cut off time of fund withdrawal instruction is 11:30am, Monday to Friday (excluding Hong Kong public holiday). All instructions submitted before the cut off time will be processed on the same day.
  3. For fund withdrawal, please contact your Relationship Manager or complete the Payment Instruction Form and send to our Customer Service by email.