Mainland Company and Business

SPDB International has built a business platform inside China, supporting the investment banking business and serving Mainland customers from professional perspectives.
SPDB International’s domestic businesses include SPDBI (Shen Zhen) Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., SPDBI (Jia Xing) Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pujiang SPDBI Equity Investment Management Co.. Ltd., and SPDB International Investment (China) Ltd. Leveraging the distinguished brand influence and efficacious product innovation capabilities of SPD Bank and SPDB International, we are endeavored to provide domestic clients, with top-quality comprehensive product coverage that involves asset management, equity investment, structured financing, fund management, foreign direct investment, merger and acquisition, financial advisory and other novel financial products and services. SPDB International’s domestic platform has partnered with local governments and large enterprises in launching a great deal of infrastructure funds, industry funds and equity funds. SPDB International is a pioneer in Hong Kong’s Chinese asset management industry with ascending scale of assets under management.